November 2020

Lock Down 2

The shops may be closed but we have added a selection of our most popular  products to the mask shop. So if you are WHF, need some Xmas Gifts or just need some Xmas cheer please check out our  Ring Lights, True Wireless Earbuds and other great lines.

Stay safe and stay off Amazon! Support local business and support the NHS.

October 2020

“I tested lots of cotton masks and the Mayhem Multi layer masks are so much better than other thin material masks” Satisfied trade customer, Tyne and Wear

September 2020

Face Masks now required in Schools

Face coverings have now become compulsory throughout most of Europe in public and enclosed spaces. They are also increasingly required for children and young adults in secondary education

July 2020

“Mandatory use of facemasks slows the growth in new cases of Covid-19 by 40 per cent” – according to a German study that provides the best evidence yet for their use.


On April 6 the German city of Jena introduced mandatory facemasks in shops and on public transport, and new infections plummeted. On April 20 Saxony followed, and also recorded a reduction in cases. In the next few days the rest of the country followed as well. This allowed the scientists to compare culturally similar regions at different times.

Their analysis concluded that the apparent early improvements seen in Jena were not a coincidence. “The early introduction of facemasks in Jena has resulted in a reduction of almost 25 per cent in the cumulative number of reported Covid-19 cases after 20 days,” they wrote. “The drop is greatest, larger than 50 per cent, for the age group 60 years and above.” Copyright Tom Whipple.

Free Face masks for Carers Campaign

You pay 50p they get them FREE


We have set up this campaign to help reduce the pressure on care homes during the CV crisis. The government has made it compulsory to wear face masks on public transport. The disposable face mask is also the single most important piece of PPE in a care home and the expense of replacing and restocking has been a serious burden to many.

Stay alert stay legal

Whilst it is now compulsory to wear face coverings on public transport, shops and now schools it has always been essential for carers. When you purchase from us, you will not only be obtaining better than high street prices but also be donating to your local care home. Our care homes have been the poor relation to the NHS and we would like help alleviate this in a small way with our campaign.

We are only proposing to supply disposable masks in this campaign as we think these are most appropriate masks and are easier for carers and visitors to fit.

Each time a customer donates we shall include a note from the donor unless the donor wishes to remain anonymous.

Our company Mayhem UK Ltd is a commercial organisation based in North west London since 1991. We are operating this free masks for carers campaign on a not for profit basis. This offer uniquely applies to disposable face masks as they are the easiest for carers and visitors to fit.

For details of our cotton washable masks which are not part of this campaign please visit our cotton page

These disposable face masks provide a higher degree of protection than most fabric coverings against bacteria and other pathogens.

The surgical face masks are packed in tens. They are made to EN14683 Type I standard and offer 98% bacterial filtration efficiency.

Our PR Campaign


Monday, 15th June 2020



Order your masks and donate to your chosen care home at                           
David Spanswick of Abbotsford Care Home in Pinner
with free Face Masks received from Mayhem UK

Free Face Masks for Carers Campaign

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EN14683 passed Type I and offer 98% bacterial filtration efficiency


Fully UK Compliant

A box of 50 contains 5 foil packs of 10

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