Our sister brand Smoovie can supply you with a LED ring light! 

Click here to visit the website at www.pocketsmoovie.com

What can you do with one?

There are lots of activities associated with our ring lights. For example, Smoovie introduced a range of lighting to be aimed at the Zoom and Tik Tok market. Other uses include disco lighting and vlogging. Our LED ring light range is designed to be affordable from £14.99 – £29.99 (retail price) and not to look unattractive or clunky in the bedroom or home office. Professional lighting is usually quite bulky but LED ring lights have changed this.

Photography lighting is heavy and large, what is different about Smoovie ring lights?

They are designed to look attractive and portable featuring a slick all-metal tripod. The tripod acts as a stand for your LED ring light. As the dark evenings appear quickly, they are perfect for that “Hollywood” look during the cold, foggy winter.

Using the product

Smoovie ring lights are powered via USB and arrive packed with the ring light and attachable tripod. Customers have left reviews saying power banks are useful to connect their ring light to. We decided to launch a special deal for the New Year by including a free power bank with every ring light purchased in our Etsy shop.

Different versions

We currently have five different LED ring lights in stock. Check out each of our versions in our Shop by clicking here.

How bright are they?

Considering a LED ring light is powered by USB, the brightness is really impressive! Check out this video to see for yourself.

Smoovie ring light

LED Ring Light Dimmable Lighting Kit Phone Selfie Tripod Makeup Light for Youtube Live Stream Tiktok Zoom.

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