Mayhem UK 3 PLY Face Masks

Surgical Face Masks

These were originally created to protect patients from any possibility of infection from Medical staff  during hospital procedures. Their use has evolved over time and they are now widely used by the general public in Asia. They are particularly useful in crowded areas where it is impossible to maintain a social distance such as public transport bars churches or sporting events. They are increasingly common nowadays as the western world becomes aware of the risks of contamination by asymptomatic people. These non medical masks are generally known as civil masks or procedure masks.

Our masks have been tested to EN14683 standard type I

This is a demanding standard that require a high level of particulate, bacterial and viral protection. This provides a better level of protection than woven masks without filters or  scarves and bandanas which are at best a barrier. Home made masks can help if no manufactured mask is available. The key is to remember if you can keep out of the reach of the virus it cannot harm you. So hand washing social distancing and masks are all part of our defences.

Useful info

Mayhem UK 3 PLY face masks are packed in boxes of 50 units. Each pack is date marked and is valid for a minimum of 2 years. Mayhem UK 3 PLY disposable masks are recommended to be changed after 4 hours continuous use. Remember when removing your face mask to be careful not to touch the mask itself. Remove the mask by using the ear loops only.


Useful Downloads from the World Health Organisation (WHO)

How to put on a 3 PLY mask

When to use a mask

How to wear a 3 PLY mask safely

Cover Nose and Mouth with Mask

Avoid Touching the Mask

Replacing the mask

Reducing your chances of catching Covid-19

This picture demonstrates the different scenarios whereby the chances of catching Covid-19 diminish by using 3 PLY Masks and ultimately by staying at home.